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Meet the
MONO way to
BOOST your funds!

MonoBoost is the personal financial app that helps you to see the consolidated picture of your finances, understand your overspendings and save more!

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How It Works


Available only on IOS. Our team is currently working on availability of Monoboost on other platforms

Tailor Monoboost especially for you

Connect your bank accounts, choose your main incomes & expenses categories and upload your transactions

Start saving with Monoboost

Analyse your funds movement, budget your income and expenses, get rid of unnecessary expenses and save more!

Get control
over your finances

See the consolidated picture of your incomes and expenses in one place

Get rid of unnecessary expenses

Analyse your funds, understand your overspendings and get rid of unnecessary expenses in order to save more

Budget and track your financial goals

Make your monthly budgets and always track your results in order to reach your financial goals

Get premium version and automate your Monoboost

Premium version allows you to connect your bank accounts to Monoboost, automate bank transactions uploading and reach your financial goals spending several minutes a day